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2007 Shocking Headlines: Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt

2007 Shocking Headlines: Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt

Yesterday we kicked off the most shocking headlines of 2007, and we'll be revealing one more each day through December 21. We hope you enjoy this look back at some of the posts and stories that we certainly weren't expecting to see.

For most of 2007 we watched Owen Wilson make movies, get playful with Kate Hudson, and hang out in San Francisco — all the while with a smile on his face. What we didn't know was the inner pain Owen was experiencing, making his suicide attempt in late August both surprising and hard to understand. There was no shortage of rumors placing blame on everything from depression to drugs to his breakup with Kate. Owen kept a low profile, dropped out of a few projects to rest and emerged at the premiere of Darjeeling Limited looking a little more subdued but still the comedian we know and love. In the past couple of months Owen is back on the beach, into skirt-chasing and spending time with his boys like Woody, Wes and Luke, giving us hope that 2008 will be nothing but good times and funny films.


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