2013 POPSUGAR 100 Comedy Stars

2013 POPSUGAR 100: Comedy Stars Get Cracking

2013 POPSUGAR 100: Comedy Stars Get Cracking

Today is the last day to vote in the POPSUGAR 100! The race to the finish line is a close call between TV stars, models and musicians, and other A-listers, but don't forget about the comic geniuses, because they need your votes too! Whether it was Tina Fey's Golden Globes quip about Taylor Swift's dating life or Ellen DeGeneres's "Gangnam Style" alongside pop icon Britney Spears, all these pranksters kept us LOL-ing through the year.

Click through to get the scoop on each comedy star, and then be sure to vote for your favorite funny gal or guy in the POPSUGAR 100 bracket — you could win a Victoria Beckham handbag!

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