Anne Hathaway stopped by TRL earlier this week to promote her new movie Becoming Jane. She looked beautiful at the NY premiere of the movie, but we're loving her casual look and toned down makeup here. Lately Anne has been very vocal about how different she is from her Disney Princess image, and apparently stepping out of her squeaky clean persona won her the role of Jane Austen. She said,

"The night before my audition, my dog decided to eat the hotel slipper, so she was up the whole night vomiting. I slept maybe an hour. When I arrived at the interview, I was tired and wasn't in a very good mood. I guess Julian realized that I wasn't the bright, happy, smiley, untroubled girl from 'The Princess Diaries.' He offered me the role after that."

Anne may not want us to think she's a good girl but as long as she isn't getting arrested or looking wasted we'll just keep liking her and thinking she is that princess like star. Buzz only felt mediocre about the movie, check out her full review here to see why.