'90s Nostalgia in 2013

How the '90s Took Over 2013

How the '90s Took Over 2013

Nineties nostalgia has been slowly making its way back into pop culture over the past few years, but the bomb-dot-com craze hit a whole new level in 2013. Boy-band reunions, TV spinoffs, and must-read tellalls from '90s stars dominated the entertainment headlines. Actors from Boy Meets World, Full House, and Saved by the Bell channeled their classic characters for new spinoffs and late-night appearances, while groups like the Backstreet Boys and Hanson came out with brand-new music — and don't even get us started on that *NSYNC VMAs reunion. With JTT's small-screen return, TLC's latest performance, and more, take a look at how the '90s dominated 2013.

Source: Getty and ABC

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