About "Let It Go" Songwriters Robert and Kristen Lopez

The Adorable Husband-and-Wife Duo Behind "Let It Go"

Despite Kristen and Bobby saying that their post-Oscars plans included "sleeping," the couple showed up at Vanity Fair's Oscar party triumphantly showing off their awards. They later headed back to the house they rented with their family in the LA hills, where they spent the last few days while away from their home base in Brooklyn. Kristen and Bobby plan to return to the East Coast and get back to work on their next endeavors, including the musical Up Here and multiple movie projects.

You've probably watched every "Let It Go" cover by now and know the words to the original by heart, but you might not know much about the adorable husband-and-wife team behind the hit song from Disney's Frozen. First of all, they're now Oscar winners — Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez won the Academy Award for best original song on Sunday, and their big night was full of sweet moments, from the red carpet and the stage to the press room and even Vanity Fair's afterparty.

It was clear that the couple, who met in 1999, are in synch when they accepted their Oscar with a rhyming (and singing!) speech that had everyone in the audience aww-ing. "Let It Go," which Idina Menzel performed during the show, was just one of eight of the couple's songs that were featured in Frozen.