Adam Is Cute. Happy Thursday.

It's not Friday yet, but here's some cute cute warm sunshine-reminiscent Manjoyment for all you ladies (and OC fans) out there -- Adam Brody. He has been looking super good these days and still manages to keep that Seth Cohen smirk on his face despite In The Land of Women pretty much bombing at the box office. Maybe someday I'll be able to see Adam and not think of the show that made him famous (and a certain ex-girlfriend who is the cutest ever and he should probably still consider getting back together with even if she has a "boyfriend"), but not yet. Missing the OC as much as I (apparently) am? Well here's a fun trip down wardrobe memory lane, not to mention a great guide on how to get their looks. And come on, who doesn't want to channel a little of Summer & Marissa. Well, their clothes at least. Right, anyway. Adam, swoon.