Oh. Adam Brody. Why were you so flagrantly making out with a random girl outdoors at the Annual Love Ball, Europe's largest AIDS benefit, in Vienna this weekend? So, so blatantly getting busy in the green, green grass. Adam flew into town with Heatherette, the designers highlights at this year's ball, and obviously made himself quite at home at the party. As for his breaking my heart by apparently not getting back together with R-Bils anytime soon, he recently said this to InTouch about his break-up:

  • On the actual split: It was the most dignified breakup you could imagine. Neither of us left the other for anyone else, and we're still friends.
  • On his relationship with Rachel: I'm not someone who looks for drama or goes around breaking up every other week. So, I think my relationship with Rachel seemed kind of boring.

No! Not boring! Super Duper Adorable and Precious! Sigh, I guess it's time to move on. Obviously, if Adam is willing to grass stain his jeans in the name of finding new love and Rachel is prancing around town with Hayden, I should accept their break-up too.

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