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Adam's Not Lost In the Land Of Women

Adam's Not Lost In the Land Of Women

This weekend, Adam Brody showed us one of the biggest perks of being a man - they can wear the same pants and shoes 2 days in a row and get away with it (and look cute, too). In his new movie, In the Land of Women, Adam plays a guy who struggles to understand the opposite sex, but apparently he doesn't have that problem in real life. He said, "I don't want to say I have women figured out because I certainly don't! But there's nothing puzzling to me, I've never really had a problem connecting with women. We all have our own complicated issues, but men and women are really just different in subtle ways."

Adam is clearly showing more confidence than the Seth Cohen we all grew to know and love... now if he would only find his way back to Rachel Bilson! (Yes, we are continuing to keep our fingers crossed for this one). To see who else was at the party and to learn more about the latest version of the Sidekick, click here








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