Adam Wants to Be an Action Star

Adam Brody shared a huge smile while leaving Live with Regis and Kelly, (well technically it was Jeff Probst and Kelly). He was promoting In the Land of Women but who knew his real desires were to be involved in a big blockbuster. Here's more:

"I think that - of course! - there is anxiety about the next job, but it is so out of your hands that I really am trying to sort of Zen out a little," he shrugged. "I think I can just work with what I have got and it's not up to me exactly. It isn't, there are a lot of good actors, a lot of good people that can do what I do. Hopefully the cards fall in a nice way [for me]."

"I would love to figure out a way to be in a movie that is kind of big," he laughed. "When I say big I mean explosions!"

Maybe that explains why he's growing his beard - to hide his baby face and look like a tough guy.