Adrian Grenier continued his charitable ways in NYC last night, where he co-hosted a benefit for charity: water with model Jessica Stam. The event was designed to raise awareness and money for the over one-billion people without access to clean drinking water. Damien Fahey and Isaac Mizrahi also showed up to support the good cause, and Adrian really got into the spirit by toting around some clean-water jugs to show off for the crowd. He even compared the work with clean water with the writers' strike that could cancel the next season of Entourage. He said, "I think the studios should give as much in the same spirit as I have been talking about tonight. . . . Give, give, give a little extra. . . . it goes a long way." Sounds like the perfect holiday spirit.

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Images include: Adrian Grenier, Damien Fahey, Isaac Mizrahi, Jennifer Missoni, Jessica Stam