Adrian's Non-Ari Gold Project Hits the Stage

Adrian's Non-Ari Gold Project Hits the Stage

Everyone (okay, well my) favorite environmentalist/HBO TV Star, Adrian Grenier, brought down the house with his band The Honey Brothers at the kick-off party for the SoHo House in LA's Oscar Week. The Brooklyn native loves spending his time off from filming Entourage, touring with the band, but I for one am excited to see his return as Vince Chase. Also coming out on HBO this spring is Shot In The Dark, an autobiographical documentary Grenier made about his 2002 search for his father. He recently talked about all of these very different projects. Here's more:

Shot in the Dark is another, much more personal film/documentary, you've created. How did go about this? Is it hard to share such a personal part of yourself with the world?
I haven't quite shared it yet, not until it airs June 8th on HBO. I am nervous but feel confidant in HBO not to exploit the movie. They get it, they know and respect how personal the project is to me. they take good care of me. But at the end of the day, I am an actor and somewhat used to being vulnerable in film.

What's new with The Honey Brothers? Do you ever want to stretch your musical arms and get out from behind the drum set (according to the ever so resourceful Wikipedia, you also play french horn, guitar and piano)?
I embrace all the misinformation about me on the internet, I also clone horses in a small science lab in Dumbo. You should come to our show sometime, i do play guitar and sing on a few songs, but we are a very democratic band, if you write em', you sing em'; unfortunately I have been too busy to write much these days. But I declare that will change.

Hey anything that involves more of Adrian is fine by us. Entourage is coming back early this year, too (April), so it should be a very Grenier Spring. Yay.

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