We love seeing our favorite female stars gracing the covers of InStyle, but we also love their monthly feature on Hollywood's most fashionable men. In the magazine's December issue, Adrien was the chosen actor who we know isn't afraid to have his own sense of style as recently evidenced by his metallic suit at the LA premiere of Darjeeling Limited. In the issue the actor talks about his body, his girl and his dance moves. Here are some highlights:

  • On having to change his body for different roles:
    "My father's thin, and my grandfather was very thin. When I did The Pianist, I starved myself, then had to gain weight back rapidly. Now I appreciate how people struggle with their bodies. Nobody's perfect."
  • On his break dance skills:
    "I'd probably hurt myself if I started break-dancing again! I'd have to be pretty intoxicated. But it'll come back one day. You'll see me on the floor doing the Worm."
  • On the actress he thinks has the most style:
    "My girlfriend, Elsa Pataky. She's Spanish; there's an elegance that European women possess that she embodies. She's a woman: She's not cute and girlie. It's something more impressive—it's stronger."

We've confessed that we find Adrien sexy and over 40% of you agreed. For those of you who weren't on board, has your mind changed with this cute photoshoot or his sweet talking about his girlfriend?