Alex Bilodeau's Brother at the 2014 Olympics

This Olympic Victory Might Be the Sweetest of Them All

This Olympic Victory Might Be the Sweetest of Them All

Talk about brotherly love! Canadian freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau's moguls performance won him not only a gold medal, but also a big ole hug from his proud brother, Frederic, who has cerebral palsy. Alex, 26, had his brother by his side when he won gold for the same event in 2010 in their home country of Canada, and he credits Frederic as his inspiration. Following his Sochi win, Alex talked to the Today show about the support his brother gives him before every major competition:

"He says, 'I love you, Alex.' That's the first thing he tells me. He's so proud. He lives his dreams through my eyes, and for me, it's priceless to see that, to see his eyes just so big and so proud."

Alex also told Matt Lauer that he would love if his brother became more recognizable than he is, which seems like it might be happening based on Frederic's celebrity status on the mountain and in the media. Lucky Alex also had the support of his girlfriend, Sabrina Bizier, following his winning run, showing that this might be the sweetest victory of the Olympics so far. Experience it again below.