Alexander Skarsgard With Ellen Page | Photos

Just Friends? Alexander Skarsgard Cuddles Ellen Page During The East Promotions

Alexander Skarsgard snuggled with Ellen Page.

Source: Twitter user z_al

Alexander Skarsgard shared a snuggle with his The East costar Ellen Page on Saturday. Their director, Zal Batmanglij, tweeted a photo of the onscreen couple nuzzling each other and wrote, "This reminds me of shooting. When we'd lie on the grass listening to Toby [Kebbell] practice Rostam's piano piece." Ellen joked about the photo on her Twitter, calling it a "Canadian tuxedo party" because of her and Alex's denim outfits. Later, Ellen, Alexander, and Zal traveled to LA where they went their separate ways after arriving on the same flight.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Alexander and Ellen are dating, but neither star has publicly confirmed the relationship. Whatever their status, the two have been hanging out a lot as they have been gearing up for press duties for The East, which is currently in theaters in limited release. Alexander had dinner with Ellen and their costars in NYC last month ahead of the film's premiere.


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