Alexander Skarsgard and Jack McBrayer Are Friends (Pictures)

Alexander Skarsgard Grabs a Bite With Pal Jack McBrayer

Jack McBrayer and Alexander Skarsgard hung out in LA.

Alexander Skarsgard and Jack McBrayer picked up lunch together at The Oaks Gourmet in Los Angeles on Friday. Although their celebrity friendship might surprise a few fans, the two have actually been pals for some time — Jack even attended the True Blood premiere party with Alex last May. Now that 30 Rock is over, Jack will have a lot more time to hang out with his buddies, but the same can't be said for Alex, who will begin filming the sixth season of True Blood soon. Alex also has the release of his new film, The East, coming up later this year after the movie premiered to critics at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

Source: NPG