The SatC girls were back on set in NYC this week showing off their unique styles. Samantha flirted while Miranda played mommy to her grown up son Brady. Carrie was out and about in some fake snow, a fur coat, and a sequined beanie — possibly a great SatC Halloween costume? Lucky for us, these pics don't contain any spoilers, but the attention the film is attracting is starting to get difficult for some of the cast. Kristin Davis spoke a bit about it earlier this week. Here's more:

"Davis, who plays the always-sweet Charlotte, told reporters she 'wasn't prepared for the intensity' of shooting the Sex and the City movie. When asked about pictures that imply she and husband Harry (played by Evan Handler) adopt a baby in the film, she scolded, 'You don't want to pay your ten dollars and already know what happens.'"

While no one actually wants the movie to be spoiled, it's just so exciting to have the girls back that it's hard to look away — especially when they are decked out in wacky and wonderful styles from Patricia Field!

Lots more pictures from the girls on the set so just read more

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