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Allure Kindly Photoshops Britney To Look Hot

The good people at Allure were pretty seriously kind to Britney on the cover of their September issue. Despite the fact that the pop tart bailed on the interview for the bizarre cover photo shoot, they made sure the resulting picture was hot. Unfortunately, we all know Britney looks nothing like that these days. Does seeing this give you vague hope for Britney's future?

In the end, it seems oddly appropriate that Britney herself didn't talk in the article, because when was the last time that she actually really spoke for herself? Britney talks in snippets on her website or to the paparazzi, but the rest of what we hear about Brit comes from elsewhere -- from those forced to testify against her to those who just take advantage of a night by her side and every lawyer in between. Anyone who has a story will talk about Brit.

Hopefully Britney will get her act together (and work out this custody mess with Kevin), because there are still a lot of people holding out for her big comeback. I'm definitely not believing the rumors, but there is word that Brit will be the opening act at the VMAs in Vegas September 9. Hey, it doesn't hurt to hope!


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