Amanda Seyfried and Her Dog Finn's Instagram Pictures

13 Times Amanda Seyfried and Her Dog, Finn, Were Impossibly Adorable

They Love Twinning

There's little in the world cuter than fun-loving pets, and Amanda Seyfried has one of the most adorable dogs ever. While Finn is a full-grown Australian Shepherd and not a pint-sized puppy, don't be fooled — he still brings his A-game to every picture she posts on Instagram. Since Amanda started her account, most of her photos have circulated around her stolen moments with her dog, including bringing him to set to share some love and having twinning moments when they're at home. They do everything together, so prepare yourself for a cute overload, courtesy of your new favorite dynamic duo. If this isn't enough social love, find some more amazing stars to follow, and be sure to check out POPSUGAR on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Source: Instagram user mingey