American Idol Heads to the Movies

Last night, American Idol's top seven had Quentin Tarantino to coach them through the world of songs in film. While Quentin was a fun addition his second time on the show, there was a big disappointment as well — due to time constraints, only two judges commented per contestant. Why don't they just cut down elsewhere if they really need to keep it to an hour? Allison Iraheta kicked off the night with a rendition of "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" — the judges liked it, and while it wasn't my favorite, I could totally hear it playing on the radio. Anoop Desai's "(Everything I Do) I Do For You" and Matt Giraud's "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" both took on Bryan Adams hits and were both pretty middle of the road.

To read our thoughts on the rest of the contestants, as well as more photos and who I think is going home, just read more.

As for the highlights — no surprise here — Adam Lambert wowed Paula with "Born to be Wild" and all his theatrics, while Simon thought it might alienate some of the audience. Danny Gokey brought out the waterworks by singing an emotional rendition of "Endless Love." All but one of the contestants chose hugely familiar and popular songs, which I think might be a disadvantage for Kris Allen, who sounded great but chose a sweet but semi-obscure tune, "Falling Slowly," which won a 2008 Oscar for the movie Once. The judges who got to talk to him, Kara and Randy, were split, but in the field it might land him in the bottom three. Lil Rounds finished off the night with "The Rose," which got perhaps the harshest critique from Simon ever. He sounded like he was a father talking to a child who got in big trouble — he is hugely disappointed in her.

As for the bottom three, my guesses are Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, and Kris Allen. I think Kris Allen might have gotten the fewest votes, but we'll see if he earns the Judges' Save. Check out Buzz's thoughts here and let us know, who do you think is going home tonight?