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American Idol Season 6 Top 12 - Ryan's Coming Out!

American Idol Season 6 Top 12 - Ryan's Coming Out!

Last night kicked off the top 12 and for the most part the ladies were impressive. Once again Melinda was the best, which makes me nervous that she will not win once the numbers get smaller. I wasn't as impressed with Haley or Gina but I was most disappointed with Chris Sligh. It's the first week I didn't love him and I think it had to do with the no glasses look. As for the rest of the boys, Blake and Chris #2 were no JT and don't even get me started on Sanjaya. The perm was RIDICULOUS but that was nothing compared to his voice. I actually feel bad for him. While it's completely clear he should be sent home, he'll probably make it through another week.

Tonight I predict the bottom three will be Brandon (sexy, but forgot the words), Stephanie (good, but not great) and Haley (she just annoys me and I want her booted). Who do you think will be voted off? Other highlights from the show, a recap here, the most important question of Who had the fiercest fro last night? and of course the banter between Ryan and Simon. In case you missed the coming out of the closet conversation enjoy the clip above.


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