Amy Poehler Lives With Bourne and Can Time Travel

Amy Poehler's husband made us laugh earlier this week, but today it was her turn to show off her new TV show. Once called the The Office spinoff, it's now going to be focused on the minutia of local politics — check out lots of details about the show on Buzz. Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, and Amy Poehler kept the crowd laughing, which makes me very excited for the show which will premiere April 9, presumably with a title of some kind. Here were some highlights from Amy's hilarious quotes:

  • On her husband and son's dual Canadian/American citizenship: My husband likes to throw his passports on the bed and pretend he’s Jason Bourne. He frantically packs a bag and rifles through his two passports. I’m hoping my son can do the same thing. Worst Bourne movie ever.
  • On her reaction to SNL's song to her when she had her baby: Uncontrollable sobbing. I watched it in my hospital bed with my son. He was conveniently born at 6 p.m so I watched it live at 11:30.
  • On men being more successful than women post-SNL: I think that’s probably changing. I think Lorne Michaels has done more for women in comedy than anyone I know. I’d like to think I’ll be part of making that an old story.
  • On her character, a local politician being "normal": I am a spy though and I can time travel, and I’m wearing someone else’s face.

Love it already, maybe her friend Tina Fey will have a little competition next award season.