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Andrew Garfield Spending Time With His Smallest Fans is Aww-Worthy

Aug 20 2014 - 1:27am

Andrew Garfield's role as Spider-Man has garnered him tons of popularity with kids and adults alike, but we especially love seeing the actor use his Spidey senses to appeal to the little ones. Most recently, as Andrew embarked on the worldwide press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he hammed it up and shared lots of sweet moments with children, both by himself and with girlfriend Emma Stone [1]. Andrew taught kids with autism how to surf [2] in Australia and planted trees in the park [3], and he and Emma posed with a group of youngsters [4] in Shanghai. We've rounded up some of the cutest pictures of Andrew spending time with his smallest, most excited fans in honor of his 31st birthday on Wednesday. Keep reading to see them all now.

Source: Getty / Michael Stewart [5]

Andrew led the way for a group of London kids at the UK premiere of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 in April 2014.

Andrew met up with a tiny Spider-Man fan at an elementary school in Miami in April 2014.

He posed with a young girl at the WWO Host Salon event in NYC in April 2014.

Andrew high-fived a group of cheerleaders at the Be Amazing Volunteer Day in NYC in April 2014.

At an event in Miami in April 2014, Andrew played basketball with elementary school students.

He helped kids plant trees at an environmentally progressive school in Singapore in March 2014.

Andrew and Emma hung out with a young Spidey fan at an event in Singapore in March 2014.

He taught children with autism how to surf at Australia's Bondi Beach in March 2014.

After his planned Oscars appearance was canceled [6] in February 2014, Andrew honored his commitment to San Francisco Batkid Miles Scott by taking him to Disneyland. Before their day at the park, Andrew and Miles conducted an adorable mini Oscars ceremony at the hotel.

Source: TMZ [7]

Andrew and Jorge Vegas, who plays a young Spider-Man, spent some downtime together on set in NYC in May 2013.

Andrew greeted a young fan at LAX airport in January 2014.

He snapped selfies with fans at a Singapore school in March 2014.

Andrew had fun with a baby between takes on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 set in NYC back in July 2013.

He joked around with kids during an LA event in November 2013 while joined by costars Emma Stone [8] and Jamie Foxx [9].

Andrew high-fived two tiny Spider-Man fans at an event in Tokyo in March 2014.

He posed in silly glasses with a group of kids at an NYC charity event in June 2012.

Andrew made the day of a group of little Spider-Man fans in Mountain View, CA in April 2014.

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