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Angelina & Brad Need More Alone Time

Angelina & Brad Need More Alone Time

Just in time for Angelina's 32nd Birthday today, the Jolie-Pitts were all together and hopping on their plane in Prague. How cute are all the little ones (okay, their backs) in their little pajamas?! Who knows where the clan was off to for the big B-Day celebration, but hopefully somewhere along the way Brad and Angie arranged for a little alone time. As Angie recently told Marie Claire, precious Mommy/Daddy moments are hard to come by these days, "Everybody needs individual time. Shiloh has our attention when the others are at school. Mad stays up the latest, so he gets the nighttime. During the day, I'll go for a walk or do something specific with Pax or Z...We're working on it; we're working on it. Right now, we're not great about Mommy-and-Daddy time." Hey, maybe when Angelina finally takes that year off (for reals this time) Brad & Angie Romance Time will be easier to come by.


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