Angelina Jolie and Robert Pattinson in the 2011 PopSugar 100

5 Number Twos Who Need Your Help in the PopSugar 100!

5 Number Twos Who Need Your Help in the PopSugar 100!

Many of your favorite stars are already enjoying a healthy lead in the PopSugar 100! However, there are an equal number of people in second place who need your help to pull off an upset in their respective categories. It's surprising that A-listers like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and last year's champ, Robert Pattinson, are number twos. Ian Somerhalder and Sandra Bullock also need their fans to show love — click through to see where your help is needed in creating lists and then sharing them on Facebook.

In partnership with, we're offering up four luxurious items! Winners are eligible to win one of the following: a Chanel bag, an Hermès Kelly bag, an Hermès CdC cuff bracelet, and a vintage Rolex watch! The more lists you complete and share, the more times you are entered — check out the official rules here.

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