Angelina Jolie Visiting Libya For UNHCR Pictures

Angelina Jolie Brings Her Big Smile Out During an Overseas Appearance

Angelina Jolie meets children in Libya.

Angelina Jolie continued her recent philanthropic duties with a trip to Libya today. She met with representatives from the UNHCR and other aid groups as well as local children and hospital patients during the two-day visit, which came after her appearance in Switzerland last week. Angelina was honored by the UNHCR during an event in Geneva and also announced that she'd be taking on a new responsibility with the organization. Her charity work didn't end there since she and Brad Pitt also recently donated $340,000 to Somali famine relief. The couple did take a break from their good deeds, though, to let loose when they went paintballing with their son Maddox in England.

Source: Getty