Brad and Angelina celebrated A Mighty Heart with a little post-premiere dinner in Cannes. They were joined by Mariane Pearl and her adorable son Adam, but left their own cute little clan at the hotel for the night. It definitely seems like Brad is getting more quality time with the little ones these days, but before she started working on Wanted, Angelina claimed that she was going to take time off to help Pax get settled into his new life and family. While that obviously didn't happen right away, Angie is now saying, "I'm working this summer. I'm in Prague for a few months, then I take two months off, then I work for two months. And then I take a year off."

As far as we can tell, it seems like Pax is fitting in just fine with his brothers and sisters. That being said, everyone needs some mommy time, and we're sure Angelina is just as eager to take a break and spend some time with her adorable kids. We wonder if her plan to take another year off could also mean time to get pregnant again. We know this family wants to keep growing so maybe Angie's planning her latest addition as well - but we'll admit we're totally speculating this one folks.

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