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32 Times Ansel Elgort's Instagram Was an Endless Source of Entertainment

Aug 22 2015 - 2:00pm

We'll be the first to admit it: we've been crushing on Ansel Elgort [1] for quite a while now, and not just because of his swoon-worthy turn in The Fault in Our Stars. Ansel's cuteness goes far beyond the silver screen, and we can always count on getting a hefty dose from his splendid Instagram page. In the past year or so, we've seen him visiting the now-famous TFIOS bench [2], chilling with his just-as-cute brother Warren [3], and melting our eyeballs with abs and his Divergent costar, Theo James [4]. And the fun doesn't stop there: take a deep breath and prepare yourself, because your crush on Ansel is about to get even more intense.

When He Posted This Ab-tastic Snap

When He Brought Emoji to Life

When He Was the REAL Master Chef

When He Flashed That Superpretty Smile

When He Seriously Just Wore Like Every Hat — Like, All of Them

When He Heated Things Up a Little Too Much With Theo James

When He Revisited the Bench From TFIOS

When He Shared This Adorable #TBT

When There Was So Much Goodness, We Didn't Know Where to Look

When He Took "Plunging Neckline" to the Next Level

When He Took His Mom to the Oscars and We All Fainted

When He Had a Wrecking Ball Ornament

When His Duck Face Was So on Fleek

When He Made New Friends and Shared Them With the World

When He Nabbed a Selfie With the Elusive Al Roker

When His BBQ Game Was Seriously So Strong

When He Had a Brief Tryst With a Floating Alligator

When He Was Superstoked to Have His Cookie Cake

When . . . This Happened

When He Served Major Blue Steel

When He Cozied Up to Octavia Spencer

When He and Nat Wolff Made Their Own Love Story

When He Cuddled Right on Up to John Green

When He Posted This A+ Adorable Selfie

When He and Shailene Woodley Gave Us All Friendship Goals

When He Gazed Into Shailene Woodley's Eyes on the Red Carpet

When He Had the Best Beach Day With His TFIOS Costars

When He Palled Around With Conan O'Brien

When He Was "Just Chillin' Poolside"

When He Prevented You From Focusing on His Basketball Skills

When He and His Friend Had Muscles Like Whoa

When He Casually Went Boating With Theo James

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