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Ashlee Comes Clean

Ashlee is looking like quite the stylish starlett in the pages of the May Harper's Bazaar. She may not be ready to talk about her relationship with Pete but she does comes clean about some other areas of her life like plastic surgery and her supposed night with Ryan Phillippe. Here's more:

  • On plastic surgery:
    I loved how I looked. I'm not an insecure person, nor was I before," she says. "It's a personal choice. I believe if somebody chooses to do plastic surgery, it [should be] for yourself, not for anyone else."
  • On rumors she's trying to look like Jessica:
    "Of course I look like her. She's my sister," she says. "It's like, God, please! We think it's quite funny!"
  • On the rumors about her and Ryan:
    "That was absolutely not true," she says, "I'm pretty sure that I went home [that night] with my friend Nicole. I'm pretty sure we went to Taco Bell...Can I not even talk to a guy?"
  • Well clearly since we've been seeing her everywhere with Pete these days Ryan is out of the picture. As for her plastic surgery, it doesn't look like she's ready to go into details but she's not totally ignoring the obvious.




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