Ashlee Simpson Is Happy About Jessica's Engagement

Ashlee Simpson Shares About Jessica's Exciting Moment

Ashlee Simpson joined forces with Hunter Parrish in LA yesterday to celebrate the online launch of Solstice Sunglasses. It's a special time for Ashlee and the Simpsons, as her big sister Jessica just announced she's marrying boyfriend Eric Johnson. Many of you think something is fishy considering the timing of Jess's news and her ex-husband Nick Lachey also recently revealing his plans to wed Vanessa Minnillo, but the Simpson clan couldn't be happier. Joe led the pack in expressing how thrilled he is to welcome Eric to the family, and Ashlee said, "Everything is so exciting!" In addition to Jess's pending nuptials, Ashlee and her husband Pete are gearing up to celebrate their son Bronx's big second birthday on Saturday.

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Source: WireImage