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Ashlee Simpson Interview

Ashlee Hits the Road With Her #1 Fan

Ashlee and Pete went very matchy-matchy at Mist in Phoenix on Wednesday night with their all black outfits, sneakers and flat ironed hair. It's Pete's turn to play groupie while Ash is hitting up various cities around the country for her mini promo tour. We shared some of our interview with Ashlee and now we've got even more from Ash. In the final segment of the interview, Ashlee talks about her life outside of the music realm, discussing her favorite designers, makeup secrets and fitness tips. She also revealed that she still has to get thinking about her Valentine's Day gift for Pete. Luckily, it looks like they've got pretty similar taste so it shouldn't be too hard. Read the rest of the interview after the jump.

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PopSugar: We've watched you grow up — we watched you back in your reality days. What's it like for you to go back and watch that stuff? Is it something you regret? Is it something you would do again?
Ashlee Simpson: I wouldn't say it's something I would do again (laughs). Or I definitely wouldn't do a whole series again. But I definitely don't regret it. For me it's cool, because I can look back on that. It's when I got my record deal and everything. One day when I'm a grandma and have purple hair (laughs) I can show my grandchildren that... something like that is kinda cheesy but it's fun to think about.

PS: Who are some of your favorite designers?
AS: I love YSL — that's one of my favorites. And I like Miu Miu. I like Chloe and Marc Jacobs as well.

PS: Are you going to be going to Fashion Week?
AS: I think I'm going to be on the promo tour, but if I can make it out for a day then I definitely will go out for that.

PS: Who are some of your style icons?
AS: I love Debbie Harry — I think she's great. For me it's more about looking in certain magazines. I tear out sheets of everything I like... even random people. For me it's more about that instead of just one person's style.

PS: How would you describe your own personal style?
AS: I think that I always like something to be a little off, but on you know? Like I like to put a bright color... I definitely wear black a lot so I'm trying to experiment with brighter colors. In the day I'm very casual — I'm a tennis shoes kinda girl. But I think it's whatever I feel comfortable in that day. If I feel like getting dressed up that day then I'm going to get dressed up!

PS: What about all the hair color changes?
AS: You know, I think if my life didn't go the way it went I would have been a hair colorist (laughs).

PS: So it's just something fun for you?
AS: I love to do it. It's just fun, yeah. It's something you can always change. You get to kinda take on a new personality with a hair color.

PS: So did you just wake up the other day and say "I'm going to go red."
AS: Yeah... actually (laughs) I did it the other day, I was like "OK you know what I think I want red hair. I've never had red hair before!" So I just did it and I love it. I like it — it's different and I'm really enjoying it. It's fun to try out different colors.

PS: What is the one beauty or makeup product you use every day that you can't live without?
AS: La Mer I always use. And mascara — my Dior mascara. And my black eyeliner. I don't use much on my skin ever except La Mer and then I always like eyeliner and mascara.

PS: Any secrets to keeping such fabulous skin then since you're not putting anything on it?
AS: (laughs) I use these face wipes... you know as cheesy as this sounds I like the ProActiv face wipes. And La Mer face lotion.

PS: Any fun fitness tips you can give in avoiding the unhealthy pressures of Hollywood and always looking so fabulous?
AS: For me, whenever I do shows is always when I'm the most fit. I always stay active... I don't obsess a lot so I never have really had too much of a problem with it. It's eating in moderation... like not saying I can't have pizza, just eating it in moderation. Just don't eat the whole thing, right (laughs)?

PS: Another one of our readers would like to know what a typical day is like for you when you're not busy working?
AS: I always have to find something to do because I get bored really easily. So it really depends on the day and what I'm feeling that day. I like to do a bunch of different things. But if I'm not working I really like to see my friends... my girlfriends... hang out with them. I like going shopping, going to the record store... which I'm really sad about the Virgin store in LA. Watching movies at home is always good and I like to go to the movies a lot.

Molly: Any big Valentine's Day plans?
AS: Not yet, but I gotta get thinking. I gotta get something special!





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