Ashley Greene November 2011 Allure Magazine Pictures

Ashley Greene Compares Herself to Jennifer Aniston in Alluring New Interview

Ashley Greene gets sassy with a male model inside the pages of Allure.

Ashley Greene gets sassy throwing a drink in the face of a male model for the November issue of Allure. Ashley also broke from her usual brunette locks and modeled blonder hair on the cover — click to see more photos of Ashley's style timeline. Ashley and her Twilight costar Kristen Stewart are peppering the newsstands with sexy new covers leading up to their Nov. 18 release of Breaking Dawn: Part I. Kristen admitted to being in a relationship with Robert Pattinson in a recent GQ UK interview and Ashley also talks candidly about dating, her nude photo scandal, and even comparing her rumored feud with Demi Lovato to the overblown love triangle stories about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Here's more of what Ashley had to say:

  • Ashley on landing the role of Alice and not Bella: "I think that the casting was so spot-on, especially between Rob and Kristen. . .Dude, I just got lucky on all fronts, because not only am I in Twilight, but the character’s just so damn lovable."
  • Ashley on Rob: "Rob. Oh, Rob. He’s very endearing, but you’ve seen his interviews. He’s like, 'Ah, I don’t know.... Oh, God.'"
  • Ashley on guys: "I go through stages. Randomly, I’ll be attracted to a crazy rocker with tattoos. And I find that I’m extremely attracted to ambition and wit. If it was appropriate to date Michael Sheen, I would, but he and his girl- friend [Rachel McAdams] are so cute."
  • Ashley on her rumored feud with Demi Lovato: "I’m really happy that she’s doing well. She and I never had a problem with each other, but, you know, it doesn’t go away...Jen Aniston still gets asked about Angelina Jolie."
  • Ashley on her nude photos: "One of my family members said to me, 'Ashley, everyone does it. You’re just famous.'"
  • Ashley on her first few months in Hollywood: "I was out until 2 a.m., and I was gaining weight, it wasn’t anything crazy, but there was a certain point when I realized I wasn’t booking. I was photographed coming out of clubs a lot, and my mom made a comment like, 'Wow, is that really what you want to be known for?'"