Ashley Judd was bundled waaaaaay up shooting Helen up in Vancouver on Monday. She won't be up there for long, however, because she's set to get glammed up bright and early on Thursday morning to help Hayden Panettiere announce the Golden Globe nominees. I'm getting pretty excited to learn who scores big this year — the Golden Globes are always a fun group and a good signifier for who's gonna get those Oscar nods. You've all seemed pretty split about your favorite performances, films and shows of the year, so now we'll just sit tight and see whose names are on the list. Unfortunately, the award ceremony is facing an uncertain future. The SAG Awards asked the WGA to refrain from picketing their show and allow a writer to help out and the WGA complied. The Golden Globes asked for the same allowance, but have yet to hear back. At the very least, this should make for an interesting award season.