Ashton Kutcher had his hands full yesterday as he criss-crossed LA while working on Spread. After shooting at LAX with Anne Heche, Ashton and a co-star headed to the beach for even more filming. Demi wasn't on set this time, but she's never far from Ashton's thoughts. He opened up to Harper's Bazaar about what first attracted him to Demi, her secret love of Starbucks, and his relationship with her girls. Here's more:

  • On what first attracted him to Demi: "I was attracted to the way she loved and cared for other people, and I said, "I want me some of that." What captivates me most is how hard she works on herself. She is constantly striving to be a more giving and sharing person."
  • Something people don't know about Demi: "Demi starts her day with a Venti half-caff, whole-milk, no-foam latte from Starbucks. Every single day. We could be in Antarctica and she would find that drink."
  • On Demi's daughters saying they love him like their biological father: "I am eternally grateful for having them in my life. That makes me want to cry and hug them and cry a little bit more."

It's so nice to hear Ashton gushing about Demi and her girls — it almost makes us forget the image of some other chick straddling him on set.

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