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Ashton Kutcher For V Man Magazine

Ashton Kutcher Strips Down and Gets Serious

Ashton Kutcher got poked and prodded in the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of VMan magazine. Apparently the "I'm not real" theme of the photoshoot was all his idea, and we wonder if it was his call to strip down to his skivvies, too — we know he's got underwear modeling experience under his belt, after all. In the article, Ashton talks about his happiness with Demi and being a reformed player. Here are highlights:

  • On the concept for the photoshoot: "I had a vision one day. I was watching one of those Gatorade commercials where they had a guy on a treadmill, and they're testing to see what his physical abilities are. I had this idea: what did the creator—God or whatever—make you for? Maybe we're all doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing, and we're all actually robots."
  • On getting around before settling down: "I had a serial-dating period. I was pretty abusive of my attributes for a while...My fame and my looks. I was pretty abusive to a lot of people. This movie [Spread] is kind of my way to say I'm sorry to a lot of girls I may have hurt by being disrespectful."

To see what Ashton had to say about filming with Michelle Pfeiffer and life with Demi, just read more.

  • On his love scenes with Michelle Pfeiffer: "I don't think I've ever romanced an older woman. I've romanced a woman...If I had stepped back as myself and said, 'You're going to work today to make love to Michelle Pfeiffer,' that would freak me the f*ck out. I would have been like, 'Holy sh*t!' I would have had a really awkward time doing that. So I just approached it from within the character's world—just one character seeking comfort from another character, a compartmentalized existence that wasn't my own."
  • On living the sweet life: "My life is so far from domesticated. That is not a good definition of me at all. Demi and I play around the world, and that is awesome. I was just on the phone with my agent and he said to me, 'I don't know many people who have it as good as you have it.' And I don't know anyone who has it as good as I have it. I have a great spiritual foundation, an amazing career, a loving, supportive wife and family, I have a lot of friends, and I don't have any enemies. I don't know a lot of people who have what I have."

Sounds like Ashton's growing up and enjoying the good life. Of course, we have a feeling he still enjoys a good opportunity to play a prank whenever he can.









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