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Ashton Plays Fashionista

Ashton Kutcher went for a stroll through NYC this past weekend in his manpris and deep V-neck tee. While this certainly isn't Ashton's worst fashion statement, we'd never guess he'd be asked to dish out fashion advice. However, he's doing something right because he and Demi made Vanity Fair's best dressed list, and now he's writing columns in Harper's Bazaar. While it seems we all agree Ashton & Demi are NO Posh & Becks, Ashton still has a few fun tips for women while dressing up their men. Here's more:

  • Guys don't like to be told they look nice, pretty, or cute or that they clean up well. We want to feel dirty, rugged, and, most important, that you feel safe when you are in our company. So when your guy finally tries on something that you like, tell him that he looks like James Bond or Tony Montana. Feel free to be even more vague than that: "Wow, that suit makes you look like that hot football player!"
  • "Make sure the look isn't too matchy-matchy. ... Your best bet is to match the man gear to that great new Balenciaga bag that you're planning to carry. If your bag works with your outfit, so will he."

Ashton always seems to have a great approach to any project he works on from Punk'd to Beauty and the Geek to being a father to 3 girls. Clearly he had fun with this story too. Obviously he is getting noticed as a fashion connoisseur but we'd rather just get our advice from FabSugar.





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