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See All the Candid Fun Inside the Critics' Choice Awards!

Jan 13 2012 - 5:24pm

While the stage at last night's Critics' Choice Awards saw many memorable moments, and there was plenty of excitement in the audience as well. Dustin Hoffman [1] congratulated George Clooney [2] on his big win and Leonardo DiCaprio [3] snapped a cute picture of himself. Charlize Theron [4] and her Young Adult writer Diablo Cody got together to chat while The Help's Emma Stone [5], Jessica Chastain, and Ahna O'Reilly shared a laugh. Click through for all the candid convos inside the show!

Double Trouble

George Clooney [6] and Viola Davis shared their winning moment.


The cast of The Help toasted to their big win.

Sexy Back

Michelle Williams [7]'s cutout back was on display during a chat while pal Busy Philipps waited nearby.

Fan Favorite

Leonardo DiCaprio [8] snapped a pic with some fans.

Just Boys

Dustin Hoffman [9] congratulated George Clooney [10] on his win.

Mama's Girl

Charlize Theron [11] wrapped her arms around her mom, Greta.

Three's Company

Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone [12], and Ahna O'Reilly got excited.

Couple Up

George Clooney [13] and Stacy Keibler posed for a picture inside.

Funny Face

Elizabeth Olsen got a laugh from Judy Greer while Shailene Woodley watched on.

Back to Black

Chloe Moretz and Evan Rachel Wood were both in black.


Brad Pitt [14] snuck up behind George Clooney [15] at his table.

Sweet Embrace

Diablo Cody and Charlize Theron [16] hugged it out.

Chin Up

Charlize Theron [17] watched the action.

Face to Face

Brad Pitt [18] and Diane Kruger [19] shared a chat during a commercial break.

In Touch

Michelle Williams [20] and Busy Philipps checked a phone.

Big Win

The cast of The Help posed backstage after their big win.

Talk It Out

Charlize Theron [21] took a minute to chat with Chloe Moretz.

Table Manners

Leonardo DiCaprio [22] hung out at his table with his dad, George, and Martin Scorsese [23].

Front Man

Brad Pitt [24] and his long hair made their way through the tables.

Ladies' Night

The Help's Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone [25] celebrated their best ensemble cast win.

Table to Table

Ides of March costars George Clooney [26] and Evan Rachel Wood got together to talk.

Kiss Kiss

Diane Kruger [27] accepted praise from Sir Ben Kingsley.

Hands On

Stacy Keibler and George Clooney [28] shared a sweet moment in the middle of the show.

Girl Talk

Jessica Chastain and Isabelle Fuhrman met up inside.

Family Style

Charlize Theron [29] sat next to her mom, Greta.

Winner's Circle

The Help's Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer got excited after they both picked up awards.

Just the Boys

Leonardo DiCaprio [30] and his dad, George, hung out with Music + Film honoree Martin Scorsese [31].

High Five

Judy Greer and Shailene Woodley had a moment.

Phone Friends

Funny ladies Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph kept in touch.

Well Suited

Buddies Brad Pitt [32] and George Clooney [33] had a laugh.

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