Baldwin Brothers Busted

The lesser known Daniel Baldwin was arrested for cocaine possession in LA last week. It went almost unnoticed but TMZ reported the new tonight.

Then there is the more famous Baldwin brother, Alec, who has supposedly been such a brat that his off-Broadway co-star quit. Maybe Kim Basinger isn't as crazy as he tries to make her sound. The NY Post reports:

Jan Maxwell, who won rave reviews for her performance in Joe Orton's black comedy, wrote in an e-mail to a friend that Baldwin's frequent temper tantrums - including putting his fist through a wall because the air conditioning wasn't high enough - also caused her to fear for her "physical safety, mental health and artistic integrity."

In an interview with The Post yesterday, Maxwell said that while Baldwin can be "very compelling, funny and enjoyable, when something clicks in him, I don't want to be around."

"For her to pin all that on me is unfair," Baldwin said. "You'd think she was on the payroll of my ex-wife's divorce lawyer, pushing every button you could find," he added, referring to his ugly divorce from actress Kim Basinger.

I love his reaction. I don't get the fascination of the Baldwin brothers. I don't think any of them are attractive or talented. Alec is on SNL all the time and he is not worthy of almost holding the record of most appearances on the show (he is right behind Steve Martin).