From London to Beijing to Sydney it was a busy busy long weekend for David Beckham. Saturday he was in China with Motorola to help launch the Razr2 V8 Luxury Edition. From there it was right back on the plane to Australia on Sunday to meet up with the LA Galaxy for a press conference and game. There was a bit of controversy when Becks was supposed to be brought into the conference by a young girl who recently survived her second bone marrow transplant, but his minders instead snuck him in leaving the girl and other kids in tears. When David heard what happened, he apologized publicly. He said:

"I didn't even see any children when I arrived at the hotel this morning - I went in the back way...But that (snubbing them) is one thing I would never have done - never have done and never will do. That's not what I do or what I'm about and I apologise to them."

Awwww, Becks didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. He loves the kids! And I love seeing his pretty face (especially when he seems like such a sweetheart).

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