David held a press conference Saturday asking his fans to be patient on his return to the field. People are starting to get upset and he is assuring us that his ankle injury is on the mend and he is hoping to get back on the field soon. He also said he's still about seven to ten days away from starting a game which sucks for the DC fans who are hoping to see him play this Thursday. Here's more:

"I'm here for five years and maybe more," he said. "That's where people may have to be slightly patient and not think that I'm just here for the glitz and the glamour. I'm here to play soccer. I'm not here to play anything else."

"It needs to be right," he said. "There's no point in me coming back and playing in a game -- when people are expecting me to play at a high level like I can and I do -- and not performing."

Beckham has increased US ticket sales tremendously. Obviously we want him well enough to play but hopefully new fans won't be too let down if they miss him this time he is in town. Besides, it seems like all the bad press is really starting to get to him so we know he wants to please his new fans. Personally, we'll take Becks anyway we can. Lots more pictures of David speaking to the press and resting his ankle in Toronto so read more

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