Now the real reason for the endless vacation between the Affleck and Damon families is revealed. Word is, the Oscar winning duo is back together to work on a new project. Sources say, “They’re really excited about it. Ben and Matt keep taking breaks to go surfing and hang out with their families. But for the most part, they’ve been writing together on this trip.” Sounds like a dream job, writing, surfing and hanging with the kids. Can we now focus on a few other things like how Jen's Alias body is back and that Ben is wearing crocs (say it isn't so - check it out in the gallery). He should have left that look to Violet.

Ben must be taking a break from all this Hawaiian excitement since he is expected to be in London on Saturday for Live Earth. Let's hope he gets back to Hawaii fast and that this screenplay takes a long time to write since we're really enjoying these precious pictures. Until then, more of the Affleck-Damon family fun so read more

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