For me, the countdown to Bourne is officially here! In less than one month Jason remembers. Buzz just posted the latest trailer and it's amazing. As if we weren't already getting our Affleck-Damon fix this summer with all those surfing pics, we now get the boys back in their old element - Vegas baby. Matt used to play the role in Rounders and Ben used to play professionally. The duo were there to raise money for the Enough Project and the International Rescue Committee which both provide help for survivors of the crisis in Darfur. Other celebs betting for good included Don Cheadle, Adam Sandler and David Spade.

Apparently Matty was knocked out early but Ben held his own. However, he said he has better things to do these days than play poker. Ben told People, "I've got a kid [daughter Violet, 2] and I'm directing movies. I have hardly any time now. Poker takes a lot of time if you want to stay good. I don't want to suck. I was good. I'm still good. Family is better though." Clearly this man is in a happy marriage and in love with the women in his life. This Ben is much better than the drinking, gambling bachelor from back in the day.

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