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You Don't Need to Be a Soccer Fan to Love These World Cup Commercials

Jun 12 2014 - 3:26pm

It's not the Super Bowl, but the World Cup sure is bringing out advertisers' A-games when it comes to commercials. All the action kicked off with the opening ceremony [1] in Brazil on Thursday, but over the past few weeks, there have been plenty of funny and inspiring ads leading up to the games. Keep reading to watch this year's must-see World Cup commercials, including a sexy appearance from David Beckham [2].

Nike Football: "Winner Stays"

One word: Cristiano Ronaldo. (Swoon.)

Hyundai: "Avoidance"

Hate spoilers? You'll crack up over this ad.

Beats by Dre: "The Game Before the Game"

Now this is one inspiring ad.

Nike Football: "The Last Game"

So cool — it's basically a short film starring a bunch of animated soccer players.

Adidas: "House Match"

Warning: this commercial will make you wish David Beckham [3] randomly appeared in your house, too.

The Sun

You seriously won't believe some of the tricks pulled off in this commercial.

Kia Featuring Adriana Lima

Oh, you know, just Adriana Lima looking ridiculously good.

Adidas: "The Dream"

You can't help but feel pumped up after watching this one.

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