Best Celebrity Instagram Pictures | February 2014

It Feels Like Summer in February's Cutest Celebrity Candids

It Feels Like Summer in February's Cutest Celebrity Candids

Winter is still in full swing, but you wouldn't be able to tell from all the stars showing off their bikini bodies on the beach this month. Celebrities from Lea Michele to Emmy Rossum to Rihanna revealed their tans in February — with one of them in the snow — but they weren't the only ones stripping down on Instagram. John Stamos and Howie Mandel took two completely different routes when it came to sexy photos, and Dwayne Johnson was spotted cozying up to a surprising lady. A few award shows brought us exciting pairings like Oprah with Michael Fassbender and Emma Thompson, and Lupita Nyong'o posed with Pharrell Williams. Plus, with Valentine's Day in the middle of the month, we saw plenty of sweet snaps from couples, families, and even single ladies.

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Source: Instagram