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Award Season Moments We Can't Stop Watching

Mar 9 2014 - 10:48am

That's all, folks! Award season finished up Sunday night, with the Oscars giving us tons of golden moments to replay — but rewinding once is never enough. From Ellen DeGeneres [1]'s hilarious antics at the Oscars (which included a pizza party [2] and a record-breaking selfie [3]) to Tina Fey [4] and Amy Poehler [5]'s flawless hosting job at the Golden Globes [6], there's a lot to cover. That's why we took the very best moments and turned them into GIFs: so we can enjoy them over and over again. Scroll on for the most incredible moments from all of this year's award shows!

Source: Getty [7]

Taylor Swift Probably Gives Herself Whiplash at the Grammys

Amy Poehler Flubs a Big Name in the Best Way at the Golden Globes

Ellen Organizes the Most Epic Selfie in the History of Selfies

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Deliberately Messes Up Her SAGs Speech

The Oscars Turn Into a Full-On Pizza Party

Beyoncé Brings Down the House During Her Grammys Opening

Britney Spears REALLY Enjoys the People's Choice Awards

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Rejects Reese Witherspoon at the Globes

Pharrell's Oscars Performance Becomes an All-Out Dance Party

Lorde Spazzes Out While Accepting Her Grammy Award

Bryan Cranston Takes a Moment to Primp Before His SAGs Speech

Sandra Bullock Drops the F-Bomb During Her Critics' Choice Acceptance

John Travolta Totally Butchers Idina Menzel's Name at the Oscars

Emma Thompson Is Her Usual Amazing Self at the Globes

Jared Leto Does a Matthew McConaughey Impression During His Critics' Choice Acceptance

Cate Blanchett Asks For a SAGs Extension After Matthew McConaughey Rambles About Neptune

Robert Downey Jr. Accepts His People's Choice . . . as Iron Man

Amy Poehler Gets a Massage During Her Globe Category

Jessica Chastain Presents Matthew McConaughey's Critics' Choice Win in the Best Way

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Give Us Hope at the People's Choice Awards

Matt Damon Can't Handle Michael Douglas's Dirty SAG Acceptance Speech

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Up to Accept JT's People's Choice Win

Jennifer Lawrence Unknowingly Participates in Amy Poehler's Joke at the Globes

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