Best Miley Cyrus Quotes 2014

Miley Cyrus Is Still Saying the Darndest Things

Miley Cyrus Is Still Saying the Darndest Things

In 2013, we were introduced to a new side of Miley Cyrus — the tattooed, twerking, naked-wrecking-ball-riding Miley Cyrus — and along with her headline-making onstage antics came lots of candid, controversial quotes in magazines and TV interviews. This year, we're getting even more of a glimpse into the life of Miley, from her thoughts on political correctness and marijuana to the recent heartbreak she's felt since losing her dog Floyd. Whether you love or hate her, Miley has a way of saying things that will make you think (or at least think "WTF?"). Here are some funny, poignant, and head-scratching things that she's had to say so far this year, most recently in her sit-down with Tavi Gevinson for the May issue of Elle magazine.

Source: ELLE / Michael Thompson


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