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The 45 Cutest Pictures of Prince George

Sep 26 2016 - 1:00am

It's been a big year for Prince George! Not only did he get to meet the President of the United States [1], but he also had his adorable first day of nursery school [2] and joined his little sister, Princess Charlotte, at the Trooping the Colour parade [3]. The recent glimpses of the prince are just a few of his picture-perfect public moments over the past few years, and we already can't wait for more. Keep reading to see 45 of his cutest pictures.

If you can't get enough of the royals:

When He Made His Adorable Debut

When He Gave His First Little Royal Wave

When He Posed For His First Family Portrait

When He Posed For His Second Family Portrait

When He Wore the Traditional Christening Gown

When He Showed Off His First Unimpressed Face

(Now he's the king of unimpressed faces [7]!)

When He Was Like, "Look! No Hands!"

When He Totally Owned the Playgroup

When He Channeled Zoolander With a "Blue Steel" Expression

When He Loved Kate's Hair as Much as Everyone Else

When He Curled Up on Kate's Shoulder

When He Did the World's Best Side-Eye

When He Rocked a Windblown Mohawk

When He Scrunched Up His Little Nose

When He Freaked Out Over a Bilby

When He Freaked Out Over a Bilby Toy

When He Made Faces at Prince William

When He Got Kisses From Prince William

When He Was Really, Really Worried About Something

When He Was Like, "Do I Know You?"

When He Crawled at His Dad's Charity Polo Match

When He Walked Around Holding His Mom's Hand

When He Walked All by Himself

When He Tried to Catch a Butterfly

When He Showed Off This Goofy Grin

When He Was All Dressed Up For the Holidays

When He Waved to Crowds on His Sister's Birthday

When He and His Dad Wore Matching Outfits

When He Showed Off His Little Sister With a Smile

When He Wagged His Tongue During Trooping the Colour

When He Directed Mom and Dad's Attention

When He Perfected His Royal Wave

When He Tried to Run Away From His Mom

When He Checked Out Dad's Polo Hat

When He Wore This Adorable Outfit — and Made This Face

When He Casually Glanced Over His Shoulder

When He Stood on His Tiptoes to See His Little Sister

When He Was Extremely Pumped For the Family Christmas Card

When He Had His Very First Day of School

When He Couldn't Get Enough of His Nursery School's Sweet Mural

When He Was All Smiles For His Family's Ski Trip

When He Casually Met the President in His Pajamas

When He Got a Little Hungry at an Aviation Event

When He Kept His Eyes on the Sky at the Trooping the Colour Parade

When He Sat in His First Helicopter With His Parents

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