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The 8 Most Memorable Quotes From the SAG Awards Press Room

Jan 28 2013 - 12:30am

Tonight, the SAG Awards [1] honored the best actors and casts in both TV and film, and we were backstage to hear from the winners right after they snagged their statues. Ben Affleck [2], Tina Fey [3], Jennifer Lawrence [4], and the cast of Downton Abbey were just some of the famous faces who stopped by the press room to reflect on their honors.

Click through to read our favorite quotes of the night, and stay tuned to PopSugar to watch some of the evening's best backstage speeches!

Good Advice

Jennifer Lawrence [5] joked that she hasn't gotten much advice that's helped her out along the way in her career, coming from a "normal family."

"I think you can probably tell from my public speaking that I haven't gotten that much advice on it," she joked. "Still waiting to get a couple tips on how to shut up."

It Takes a Village

Tina Fey [6] said her priority when getting dressed tonight was "to be comfortable." When a reporter asked her how many people played a role in getting her ready today, she replied without missing a beat: "It took 400 people."

Make Light of It

Ben Affleck [7] was in high spirits backstage at the SAG Awards after Argo picked up the outstanding performance by a cast statuette tonight, which is easily the night's biggest honor. Still, Ben took a good-natured dig at his Oscar snub in the best director category in the press room.

"Sorry to have overlooked you, sir," Ben apologized to a reporter backstage in the press room after missing his question. "I know how that feels."

Blame Leonardo DiCaprio

Backstage, Daniel Day-Lewis was asked to expand on his shout-out to Leonardo DiCaprio [8] in his decision to play President Lincoln.

"Leo, just in a chance meeting, asked me if I'd given up on the idea because he knew that I'd considered it a while ago . . . I hadn't thought about it for a long time, maybe some years, and he said, 'Don't give up on it. He's the greatest man of the 19th century.' And it stayed in my mind. So this is all Leo's fault."

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould were given a special honor at the SAG Awards, helping set up the carpet before their fellow actors arrived for the show.

In the press room, Rico said: "It was so cool to be able to roll out the red carpet today —" and was quickly interrupted by his costar Julie Bowen, who shouted: "They had you work today?!"

Leaving a Legacy

Backstage, first-time SAG winner Bryan Cranston called Breaking Bad's Walter White the role of a lifetime and said he's proud to know that he'll be remembered for the character.

"In my eventual obituary, hopefully many, many years from now, it will read: 'Breaking Bad actor explodes' — or however it goes."

Thoroughly Modern Michelle

Michelle Dockery weighed in on Downton Abbey's diehard fans backstage in the press room and remembered a time she and a costar ran into a couple of them out on the town.

"The two of us were in jeans and leather jackets, and they could barely look at us. They were appalled that we were in modern clothes!"

Know Your Strengths

Dick Van Dyke was honored for lifetime achievement at tonight's SAG Awards, and in the press room, he reflected on the role luck played in his career and his strengths and weaknesses.

"I love to perform. Usually, if I'm performing without an audience, I really don't know what I'm doing. I need an audience to do half of the work . . . I love an audience, and that's why I'm not very good in movies — there's nobody there to play to!"

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