Beyoncé Knowles at Target East Harlem

Beyoncé Knowles Surprises Fans With an East Harlem Appearance

Beyoncé Knowles surprised fans with a performance at the East Harlem Target.

Beyoncé Knowles treated the crowd at Target's one-year anniversary party to a surprise performance in East Harlem yesterday. She showed up on stage in the middle of her song "Countdown" and joined the kids in dancing to the beat. Beyoncé has had a whirlwind week that started with a stop at Glastonbury, then the taping of Piers Morgan Tonight, and continued with an exclusive show in London that was attended by pal Gwyneth Paltrow. The events led up to the release of Beyoncé's new album 4 on Tuesday, and she won't be slowing down. Beyoncé's set to perform on Good Morning America this morning and she'll also be meeting our I'm a Huge Fan winner, who has already perfected the singer's sexy dance moves.

Source: Getty