Beyonce got a warm welcome when she arrived this week in Japan to kick off her world tour. She has so much stuff going on, it's amazing she can keep all of it straight. She just released a Spanish edition of B'Day and she has a video album on the way as well. It includes a dozen music videos and 8 of them are new. In addition to that she decided to change up her band for her upcoming world tour. Here's more:

"I know growing up, I wish it was more female bands that I could have looked up to....And I feel like, if there were, I probably would have played an instrument. My instrument is my voice. I wish I could play something else. So I had the idea of getting together all of these women and I knew it was a lot of talented women that never got the opportunity. So I held worldwide auditions (this past summer) and found all of these talented women."

Sounds like Jay-Z won't have to worry about Beyonce getting flirty with any of the help! Not that she would anyway. She doesn't have time!

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