Beyonce With Blue at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn

Beyoncé and Blue Share a Buttermilk Date as Brooklyn Makes History

Beyoncé Knowles carried Blue in Brooklyn. 

Source: Splash News Online/

Beyoncé Knowles held onto her daughter, Blue Ivy, as they headed to a waiting car after grabbing food at Buttermilk Channel restaurant in Brooklyn yesterday. Blue was sporting Timberland boots and pigtails while Beyoncé had her hair pulled back into a bun for the mother-daughter meal. The duo spent a low-key weekend together following a busy week for Beyoncé. She debuted her new song "Bow Down" and was announced as the latest face of H&M. The news added to Beyoncé's already exciting 2013, and now there's even more reason to celebrate. Jay-Z's Barclays Center in Brooklyn will host MTV's Video Music Awards in August, making the show the first annual event to air live from Brooklyn.

Source: Splash News Online/